Teri Knight

Teri Knight was the voice of traffic in the Twin Cities for over 12 years on several radio stations and WCCO-TV. She then moved to fulltime morning show personality on WLTE for 2 years after that. Her media journey has taken her to guest hosting on Showcase Minnesota, pledge talent for TPT as well as various hosting duties on local television stations. Teri has emceed a number of events and has been the featured speaker at various gardening shows. She continues to voice commercials for a number of companies and is always open for new opportunities!  She is now the News Director at KYMN radio in Northfield, MN AND the host of a new television garden show called DigIn Minnesota!  Airing Sunday mornings at 9am on The CW!  Check your local listings.

Teri became a Master Gardener in 2002 and has turned that into a daily radio feature called “Garden Bite with Teri Knight” for stations all over the state of Minnesota. Her website www.gardenbite.com offers podcasts of each show and additional information for listeners. Video are being archived!

Teri has lived in the northern territory of Australia on an aboriginal reserve, a hobby farm in Carver, a loft in downtown Minneapolis and a variety of places in between. She uses those experiences in every part of her life including this new venture Urban Sprite Media.

So where did Urban Sprite come from? Oddly enough from a local Twin Cities gossip columnist, CJ. Years ago CJ wrote an article calling Teri the “traffic elf”. Several years after that she called her “sprite-like”. Trying to decide on a name for her new venture, Teri was having lunch with a well known intuitive. Wanting to expand beyond just gardening info, the term “urban sprite” just seemed right!

So contact the “Urban Sprite”, Teri Knight, for voiceovers, on-camera and production from writing to directing. Need an emcee for your event? Contact Teri.

A note from me!  Life is short, live it well by playing, working and loving and not always in that order!