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10-14-10 The human spirit is an incredible force. Witnessing the Chilean miners rise from the bowels of the Earth confirms every good thing about people. Regardless of your personal beliefs this quote from the Bible holds true: I Corinthians 13:13 “and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” It was a virtual communal hug from every race, creed and faith on Earth as those miners rose to greet their loved ones.

They did so many things right. They trusted (love), not only in themselves, but in the belief (faith) that others (hope) were working to help them. And it worked!

Now, if we could only hold on to that.

10-13-10 I find myself in a quandry. This is the first blog of Fairy Tales on Do I start with myth or musings? Perhaps the myth of sprites is appropriate. The sprite, as defined by the free online dictionary, is a small or elusive supernatural being that can be somewhat mischievous. According to Wikipedia, the word sprite comes from the Latin ‘spiritus’. But where does the belief come from? Why would we believe in them? Do people still think they’re real? Are they? Okay, I’m stepping into musings, sorry.

The myth of sprites and other elf-like creatures has it’s roots in many different cultures and many translations. But for me, I just like the thought of fairies, sprites and elves as being woodland spirits that enhance the magic of life in the garden and our imaginations. Isn’t that really the idea of myth to begin with? A magical place where our imaginations can sparkle? It is for me.