I have a friend who thinks my obsession with gnomes is tacky. And yet, she bought me a CAST IRON gnome for my birthday! Now that’s love! 


Indoor herb garden on GameOn! with Teri Knight

Greetings!  The Christmas madness is over, time to kick back and watch the Vikings (win!)??  Today I’m on Rod Simon’s new show called “GameOn!”.  It’s airing at 10:30am on FOX channel 9.  Please tune in for my segment on indoor herb gardening where I use ‘Purple Ruffles’ Basil.  Like a Vikings fan, more intense and in need of extra TLC!  Click on my gardenbite button just to the right for all the information you need! 

Indoor herb garden


Does your blip have bang?

Every time I make plans for my birthday (which happens to be tomorrow), it snows.  Does that mean it’s my fault?   In the great Cosmos I don’t think my blip has that much bang!  

While musing about my non-existent powers over the elements, I was pondering how others feel in the wake of huge natural disasters.  Many people believe that it’s some punishment from God.  Do you really think He’d do that and if it’s a punishment, wouldn’t a “good parent” explain to you WHY you were being punished instead of just whipping the daylights out of you and then letting you guess what you’d done wrong?  Just a thought.


My gardeners version of a classic

“Twas the night before Christmas” gardeners version by Teri Knight

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

not a plant was stirring, not even a sprout

The seedlings were hung by the glow of a grow light

in hopes they’d spring-up-in-summer, to the gardener’s delight

The poinsettias were nestled all snug in their pots

with dreams of moisture, but certainly not rot

When out in the yard, there arose such a clatter,

the gardener rose to see what was the matter

Away to the window, she flew like a flash

to see Bambi and bunny make a mad dash

They’ve nibbled the branches and ate the bark,

Ahh, but God’s creatures must eat and leave their mark

The moon shines brightly on new fallen snow

and the plants underneath are assured to grow

Covered in natures protective shield, the blueberry bushes next year will yield

such wonderful bounty our fingers get stained, with blueberry juice,

that’s all that remains

The gardener nestles all snug in her bed,

while visions of veggies dance in her head

As the gardening craze grows listen for more Garden Bites,

happy Christmas to all

and to all a good night!


Reflections in the glow of a Christmas tree

12-16-10  Every year, as I grow older, the meaning of Christmas changes.  When you’re a child, it’s the gifts you receive.  As an adult, it’s the gifts you give.  \

I had written a whole lot and just deleted it.  It seems to be the time of year when we reflect on the past.  After the rush of putting up the Christmas decorations, thinking of the perfect gift for someone special, trying to find it, buy it and wrap it, baking and general mania; I sit in front of my lighted tree in the soft glow and gaze.  In my heart of hearts, what is the real meaning?  A celebration of Christ’s birth?  A moment in time to let your friends and family know you love them?  A time to look for the changes I’d like to make in my life?  A time of gratefulness for all that I really have?    A time to be alone with my Creator?  In that moment, I feel loved.


Holiday Traditions

12-6-10  My mom loved Christmas.  She would spend hours decorating, usually finding some gawdy thing to put up, and baking till the fire alarms went off! Actually I’d be the one to set off fire alarms, my mom was a much better baker and cook!  As my sister and I grew older, we would get together with mom and bake dozens of cookies.  They had both been school lunch ladies so had plenty of the big pans and parchment paper.  Mom would make us get down her Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving and then she’d go to town.  I don’t think there was one room left alone.  She would play Gene Autry and Nat King Cole while we decorated the tree.

Oh those holiday traditions! How many do you have?  Are there some non-negotiables?  I’m required to bring my mom’s Pumpkin Dessert to Thanksgiving and there must be homemade Clam Chowder on Christmas Eve.  We’ve decided to forgo exchanging gifts among the adults and just have a white elephant party.  I LOVE the dice game.  Usually there are a few gems in the mix so we can fight over them!