Holiday Traditions

12-6-10  My mom loved Christmas.  She would spend hours decorating, usually finding some gawdy thing to put up, and baking till the fire alarms went off! Actually I’d be the one to set off fire alarms, my mom was a much better baker and cook!  As my sister and I grew older, we would get together with mom and bake dozens of cookies.  They had both been school lunch ladies so had plenty of the big pans and parchment paper.  Mom would make us get down her Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving and then she’d go to town.  I don’t think there was one room left alone.  She would play Gene Autry and Nat King Cole while we decorated the tree.

Oh those holiday traditions! How many do you have?  Are there some non-negotiables?  I’m required to bring my mom’s Pumpkin Dessert to Thanksgiving and there must be homemade Clam Chowder on Christmas Eve.  We’ve decided to forgo exchanging gifts among the adults and just have a white elephant party.  I LOVE the dice game.  Usually there are a few gems in the mix so we can fight over them!


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  • Hi Teri, One tradition we have at our Christmas gatherings is the frosting of sugar cookies. Marge bakes and cuts out the cookies into stars, bells, santas and so on. Then when the kids, now in their 30s, arrive we all sit around the dining room table and decorate the cookies. We have categories such as the “prettiest”, the “most elaborate”, the “grossest” the “simplist” etc. There is one person who does not decorate but still sits around the table and this person gets to pick the winners in each category. After the winners are announced they get their pictures taken with their cookies and if there are any decorators that don’t have any of their cookies selected they get their pictures taken with their cookies and sad faces. It is a very fun time and the decorated cookies are delicious.

  • John

    Sounds like your Mom really had the holiday spirit. It is the memories that we keep that are precious to us!

  • Sara

    Don’t forget about all the “lost” Christmas gifts Gaga would find months later under some bed or in a closet:) I so miss her, especially this time of year.

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