Reflections in the glow of a Christmas tree

12-16-10  Every year, as I grow older, the meaning of Christmas changes.  When you’re a child, it’s the gifts you receive.  As an adult, it’s the gifts you give.  \

I had written a whole lot and just deleted it.  It seems to be the time of year when we reflect on the past.  After the rush of putting up the Christmas decorations, thinking of the perfect gift for someone special, trying to find it, buy it and wrap it, baking and general mania; I sit in front of my lighted tree in the soft glow and gaze.  In my heart of hearts, what is the real meaning?  A celebration of Christ’s birth?  A moment in time to let your friends and family know you love them?  A time to look for the changes I’d like to make in my life?  A time of gratefulness for all that I really have?    A time to be alone with my Creator?  In that moment, I feel loved.


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