Feathered up with the Kates

I had a chance to emcee the Klondike Kate competition and last night was honored to emcee the Klondike Kate Cabaret in downtown St. Paul, MN.  These women are the mistresses of song, fun and frivolity!  I’m the one wearing all the feathers! 

At the competition on Jan. 5th, 2011


me and the sound crew!

What a fun bunch of gals!   They made emceeing easy with plenty of fodder for banter!  Do you know that the feathers they leave behind are called “Kate Droppings” and if you place one under your pillow, your dream will come true?


Points to ponder

Remember the old Reader’s Digest feature “Points to Ponder”?  I recently picked up a Readers Digest, does that mean I’m getting old?  That’s a point to ponder!  Anyway, it didn’t have the section anymore.  Nor did it have “Quotable Quotes”.  I used to love those.  Does that mean no one has said anything of note worth quoting?  Probably not, as much of our news is delivered to us via TMZ and ET. 

How is it that the Kardashians seem to infiltrate every major network along with cable? 

Pawn Stars, have they become caricatures of themselves?  No point pondering this one as I recently watched a snippet of the show and thought, yup, celebrity has gone to their head.  Really, Chumley?!?

And don’t get me started on Bridalplasty!!  OMG!  A womans quest to change everything about herself before she marries the man who asked her while she looked like her real self.  Huh? 

How many of us truly care that Prince William is getting married? 

Whatever happened to the “man” that got pregnant?  I guess we’ll never know now that “Oprah” is going off the air.  Whew!

And WHY don’t people use their blinkers?  Oh, you needed both hands to text!  Sorry, my apologies.  Lord knows that’s more important than driving a 2 ton vehicle capable of killing the both of us.    Mayhem!


I’m how old???

As I question whether to say out loud that I just turned 50, I ponder, why do I need to, literally, gather my courage to admit it?  Perhaps it’s because some of the people I know in media said “oh god, NEVER admit how old you are, you won’t get any work”! 

I have been in the media since 1992.  I came to it later in my life and was told how lucky I was to even get noticed at the advanced age of 31.  ADVANCED AGE?  Yes, that’s what one tv producer said to me.  After being “in the business”, it’s obvious, in many areas, that knowledge and experience have nothing over youth and good looks.  In many cases now, with the proliferation of puerile reality shows, it’s not even about talent but notoriety, just how nasty can a person get.  Sorry, that’s a whole other blog!

The fact is, I’m 50.  I made it to the half-century mark.  OMG, I’m like, so psyched!  And, you know, I really am. LMAO.  There are so many reasons that being 50 is a good thing.  Aside from the obvious, I’m still here, I’m healthy, happy and more inclined to let a lot of trivial stuff slide off my back.  It seems that more and more things really are trivial.  The important stuff, connections with friends and family, having a special someone to share in a game of scrabble, riding my motorcycle or weeding a garden have more meaning and give my life even more happiness.  I’m also not so inclined to take crap!

Getting older isn’t losing vitality, it’s honoring the vitality I have by allowing myself the freedom to finally be WHO I AM. Whatever that may be!

I may be more weathered but I’m also wiser.  Yes, I’m 50.  There’s no denying it.  Will you stand up for your age?

After 16 years I got back on a motorcycle!

Ramblings as the snow continues

What a year for us here in Minnesota!  Makes ya want to say “Ya, you betcha!”  It also makes you want to scream as you drive in chrome-to-chrome traffic trying to get to work or appointments.  What is “that thing” that makes us crazy drivers?  I talked traffic for 14 years in the Twin Cities and STILL can’t figure it out.   By the way, make sure you have plenty of “blue juice”!

When I was a kid, my mom used to take us out in parking lots and whip donuts with the big old Lincoln.  (Donuts isn’t the word we used at the time but I’ll refrain from swear words!)  We had a blast as mom “let ‘er rip”.  My dad taught me to always test the road.  Go out in it, and when it’s safe, apply steady pressure to your brakes and see what happens, that way you’ll know how far or close you can drive to the person ahead of you.  I still do that.  Of course, when I first started driving we had to “pump the brakes”.  Yes, I’ll go ahead and date myself.  Speaking of dating myself, I just had a big birthday and will blog about that tomorrow!


Fairy Tales

I wasn’t much on nursery rhymes or fairy tales as a kid. By the time I came along, my mom wasn’t too interested in reading them AGAIN!!
I do think that we can create our own Fairy Tale. Case in point is a book my friend, Joan Steffend, just wrote called “…and she sparkled”. In it, Joan talks about herself as a little girl and all the promise of SPARKLE in her. Then, slowly, the world burdens her with responsiblility and rules and, suddenly, the sparkle is gone.
We can take it back by acting responsible when we need to but remembering the SPARKLE of what carry within us.