Ramblings as the snow continues

What a year for us here in Minnesota!  Makes ya want to say “Ya, you betcha!”  It also makes you want to scream as you drive in chrome-to-chrome traffic trying to get to work or appointments.  What is “that thing” that makes us crazy drivers?  I talked traffic for 14 years in the Twin Cities and STILL can’t figure it out.   By the way, make sure you have plenty of “blue juice”!

When I was a kid, my mom used to take us out in parking lots and whip donuts with the big old Lincoln.  (Donuts isn’t the word we used at the time but I’ll refrain from swear words!)  We had a blast as mom “let ‘er rip”.  My dad taught me to always test the road.  Go out in it, and when it’s safe, apply steady pressure to your brakes and see what happens, that way you’ll know how far or close you can drive to the person ahead of you.  I still do that.  Of course, when I first started driving we had to “pump the brakes”.  Yes, I’ll go ahead and date myself.  Speaking of dating myself, I just had a big birthday and will blog about that tomorrow!


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