Gardening and galas

We are 10 days behind schedule for our Spring!  Last year we were 2 weeks ahead at this time.  Really?!?!  Everyone I know is itching to do SOMETHING outside…  well, today is starting out as a gorgeous day.  Beware the lure of a beautiful day…  tempting as it is to start digging up the yard, take care that it’s not too wet and realize that those plants you stick in the dirt now, may not be as pleased about it as you are.  Give them more time to adjust! 

On a completely different note, I was fortunate to emcee the first annual Ms Wheelchair MN contest at Running Aces Park in Forest Lake in April.  I want to thank Anne Neuman for coordinating the event and making it a very special evening.  Congratulations to the winner, Jenni Taylor, who will represent those with less mobility in front of many audiences.

Jenni Taylor

Ms Wheelchair MN 2011

interviewing a candidate

what did I just say?