Of dreams coming true

3-19-13  Wow, it’s been a while!  Much has changed in my life the last couple of years!  I’ll not go into all of THAT!  But, this is a very special day for me as I realize a dream that’s been in the making for nearly a decade.  Tomorrow I start shooting a brand new garden show for television!!!!  I’m so excited, despite the foot of snow on the ground.  The show is called DigIn Minnesota and it’s all about OUR climate zone!  A garden to table show loaded with info you’ll want to know.  The show starts airing on April 14th, 2013 on The Twin Cities CW – not too far on the “dial” from the regular network channels.  It will air every Sunday morning at 9am through September.  A dream come true…  how blessed am I??!!!???  😉